Senior Staff

  • Gawain Brumfield, P.E., CEO / Quality Manager
  • Dave Korpi, Engineering Manager, API 653 & 570 Certified
  • Randy Downing, P.E., Senior Mechanical Engineer
  • Aaron Athanas, P.E., Senior Mechanical Engineer
  • William Clark, Senior Civil/Structural Engineer
  • Truk Sederholm, Senior Project Manager
  • Eric Koppana, Junior Civil/Structural Engineer
  • Jarod Grice, Project Engineer, Junior Mechanical Engineer
  • Hayden Maxwell, Assistant Quality Manager, Junior Mechanical Engineer
  • Joshua McClain, Design Team Lead
  • Jeff Foglesong, Senior Piping Designer
  • Trina Hartman, Senior Electrical Drafter
  • Brittney Sims, Electrical Drafter
  • Barbi Ouellette, Office Manager
  • Kim Sperman, Engineering Aide
  • Ashleigh Helm, Admin and Accounting
  • Chloe Larson, Staff
  • Kara Van Dongen, Staff
  • Mark Wiggin, Senior Project Manager
  • Richard Hughes, P.E., PhD, Strategic Petroleum Reserve Subject Matter Expert
  • Lt. Col. Charles Needles (retired), Air Force Subject Matter Expert
  • Heath Martin, Senior Construction Manager
  • Yousun Clark, Accounting
  • Carl Foldenauer, P.E., Electrical Consultant
  • Andy Adams, P.E., Civil / Structural Consultant
  • Eddie Wright, P.E., Civil / Structural Consultant
  • Chad Malone, P.E., Civil / Structural Consultant
  • Brian McMillen, Architectural Consultant

Kuparuk Staff

  • Fred Miller, Sr. Project Engineer IV (PE)
  • John Nap, Construction Coordinator IV
  • Curtis Hight, Database Analyst
  • Paul Izzi, Emergency Response Specialist IV

Alpine Staff

  • Michele Minick, Project Engineer III
  • Winston Gillies, Instrumentation Engineer II
  • Shawn Zuke, QA/QC Special IV
  • Chad Harter, HSE Specialist/WSER II
  • Chris Wallstrum, HSE Specialist/WSER II
  • Mark Voss, Drilling & Completions - Drilling Supervisor III
  • Dusty Freeborn, Drilling & Completions - Well Site/Intervention Supervisor II
  • Pierre Castro, Drilling & Completions - Drilling Supervisor III

Anchorage Staff

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