Water and Waste Water Treatment Projects

PDF Project:  Water Injection Well System

IMAGE Client:  
ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc.

Beluga River Unit, West Cook Inlet, Alaska

Project Scope:  
GNE provided truckable module design including structure, process piping, equipment selection and layout, heating and ventilation design, along with the lighting and power design.

Project Details:

  • Provided pad layout design including truck off loading, secondary containment, pipe racks, well house interconnection, and site grading.
  • Provide storage tank design including nozzle locations, ladders, tank structural foundation, and electrical service layout.
  • Provided piling design for primary support for tanks, yard piping, and modules.
  • Provided on-site engineering services for the construction, functional checkout, and startup. This included transportation coordination, piling and grade beam installation, and piping field tie-in connections.
  • Provided a boiler system for heating the produced water that includes a module to house the boilers, the primary heating loop with heat exchanger for the secondary loop, and the pumps, piping, and controls for the system to heat the produced water in the storage tanks.
  • Turned out module design in two weeks to facilitate tight barge schedule.
  • Completed duplex pump specification for injection, booster, and off- loading/transfer pumps in two weeks to facilitate ordering and delivery fast track schedule.
  • Provided technical support directly to fabrication shop including shop drawings to expedite module construction.
  • Completed system construction drawing package, specifications, data sheets, and bills of materials in less than 6 weeks.

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