Water and Waste Water Treatment Projects

PDF Project:  Secondary Containment for Produced Water Storage Tanks

IMAGE Client:  
ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc.
C/O Kenai LNG Plant

Beluga River Unit, West Cook Inlet, Alaska

Project Scope:  
GNE designed the secondary containment system for the produced water tanks for the BRU 232-9 Injection Well Facility to contain 600 barrels of produced water plus at least 10% additional capacity.

Project Details:

  • Provided coordination of civil geotechnical, survey, structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical, fire and gas protection in order to determine the basis of design.
  • Designed structural support and piling locations for two 600 BBL tanks in order to minimize impact upon containment impound area and to minimize the containment physical dimensions.
  • Provided the structural support and piling within the containment area for process piping and walkways to minimize containment penetrations and design the process module exterior to containment and determine elevations for proper slopes with respect to the process piping.
  • Provided in-house and on-site engineering assistance for a remote Winter construction period in Alaska. GNE ensured the proper placement and installation conformed to the design specifications.

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