Water and Waste Water Treatment Projects

PDF Project:  Ground Water Heat Pump System Design

IMAGE Client:  
City of Wasilla

Wasilla, Alaska

Project Scope:  
GNE provided design engineering study for the Wasilla Wastewater Treatment Facility to determine how a geothermal Heating System could be incorporated into the current heating system in the building. Funding was provided through the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act. GNE prepared a Rough Order of Magnitude construction cost study for the city.

Project Details:

  • The geothermal heating system is to be constructed on-site at the existing City of Wasilla Wastewater Treatment Facility existing water well.
  • The water used for the heat pump would be returned to the same aquifer by way of re-injection through a second well.
  • Existing on-site equipment storage would be utilized.
  • A ground water well system was used since an existing productive well is present on-site. Well production and well injection is estimated to be around 12 gpm. Geothermal loops can be constructed in lieu of using ground water but the cost would be greater than a well.
  • The geothermal heat pump loop is to be shipped as an assembled package and commissioned on-site.
  • Circulation glycol pumps and thermostatic controls are to be installed within the facility in a code compliant zone. The pumps and expansion tank can be wall hung just inside of the designated installation point.

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