Bulk Fuel Tank Facilities Projects

PDF Project:  Tank Farm Inter-Tank Transfer System

IMAGE.jpg Client:  
Port of Seattle

SeaTac International Airport, Seattle, WA

Project Scope:  
GNE provided engineering services to the Port of Seattle for their hydrant pump repairs, replacements, and piping support; pump pad piping modifications; inter-tank transfer pump system; South operations lighting and 2000kW load bank; and check valve replacement.

Project Details:

  • Replaced thermal relief valves on the pump discharge piping for all pump trains
  • Provided a load bank for the 2000 kW generator for testing purposes
  • Modified the transfer pumps for “pump-back” capability
  • Replaced pressures relief valves with smaller valves of a type that will withstand the relief pressure of the system
  • Installed AFFF system on receipt tanks
  • Replaced all of the external trim on the Carter diaphragm control valve on the HPP and inbound filtration piping
  • Upgraded the Hydrant Cart Test Stand by improving the piping and connections
  • Installed a motor operator on all of the plug valves in the valve boxes at eight locations in the control valve pits
  • Upgraded Concourse “A” cathodic protection system for the underground fuel piping
  • Removed the expansion bellows from the two 20-inch supply headers and the 30-inch suction header in the piping system on the HPP
  • Replaced the hydrants pumps P-1 thru P-11

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