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PDF Project:  Port of Anchorage Valve Yard Equipment Platform Cover

IMAGE.jpg Client:  
Municipality of Anchorage

Port of Anchorage, Alaska

Project Scope:  
Provided design and construction engineering services for the roof cover over the recently constructed equipment platform at the Port of Anchorage’s Valve Yard (POAVY).

All engineering services were provided in accordance with the requirements of the latest applicable local, State, and Federal regulations and codes.

Project Details:

  • Designed the roof cover to consist of a steel framing system and steel structural members that will match the existing pre-engineered metal building
  • Designed the roof to be seamless and waterproof at the interface with the existing building
  • Designed the roof cover over an existing building to withstand local winds and possible snow loads
  • Provided submittal reviews
  • Addressed Municipality of Anchorage Building Safety comments
  • Addressed Requests for Information (RFI's)
  • Incorporated and approved the final construction redline drawings
  • Provided field technical support as needed to the construction effort

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