Bulk Fuel Tank Facilities Projects

PDF Project:  North Boeing Fuel Farm Facility

Img01.PNG Client:  
The Boeing Company

Seward, Alaska

Project Scope:  
Great Northern Engineering provided construction engineering design and services for a 144,000 gallon Jet A, or Jet JP8, expansion to Boeing’s existing fuel farm. This included new tanks, piping, pumping, foundations, catwalks, handrails, supports, earthwork, electrical, instrumentation, and controls for the safe handling of the fuel.


Project Details:

  • Design and development of 2 new 72,000 gallon tanks with accordance to API-650 standards.
  • Design of separate pumping and filtration systems
  • Incorporation of leak detection and other safety equipment
  • Valves and piping to transfer between tanks for maintenance and inspection
  • Redesigned the existing recycled fuel tank
  • Evaluation and relocation of the truck loading system
  • Structural support for the upgrade, including seismic and environmental analysis
  • Design of a floating suction system ensuring quality fuel
  • Routing of a new electrical supply branch for the expansion
  • Integration of the new tanks into the existing control systems, with upgrades where needed

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