Bulk Fuel Tank Facilities Projects

PDF Project:  NOSI Tank Farm Bulk Fuel Storage Facility

IMAGE.jpg Client:  
Nana Oilfield Services Inc.

Deadhorse, Alaska

Project Scope:  
Great Northern Engineering designed a bulk fuel storage facility at NOSI’s operations base in Deadhorse. This facility consisted of six 200,000 gallon storage tanks. GNE provided a complete set of drawings and specifications to make the tank farm ready for construction.

Project Details:

  • Containment design to protect the environment
  • Utilized the existing piping and valves off of the tanks
  • Designed foundations for the 200,000 gallon tanks
  • Designed a truck loading and unloading containment pad
  • Provided designs for a small, skid mounted building that would house the tank controllers
  • Designed piping, pumping, and controls for truck unloading and loading
  • Provided electrical designs for the tank farm
  • Included emergency shutdown and alarm systems
  • Provided controls and instrumentation design for safe operation

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