Bulk Fuel Tank Facilities Projects

PDF Project:  Lower Yukon School District Bulk Fuel Facility Upgrades

LYSD01.PNG Client:  
Lower Yukon School District

Sheldon Point, Alaska

Project Scope:  
The fuel systems included in this project consisted of a total of 16 new tanks; tie-in piping to existing fuel header, piping and controls for primary day tanks, bulk storage yard piping, control buildings, foundations, electrical pump controls, leak detection, pipe supports, guides, and anchors.


Project Details:

  • Designed bulk fuel storage facilities and distribution system upgrades at six villages within the Lower Yukon School District: Sheldon Point, Russian Mission, Scammon Bay, Mountain Village, Emmonak, and Marshall
  • The existing storage tanks were removed and replaced
  • Completed the bidding process for two schools such as providing bid assistance to include bid documents, evaluation of bids for compliance, and assisted district in bid award
  • Provided in-depth study to identify maintenance, repair work, and system upgrades complied with local, State, and Federal regulations and operations procedures

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