Bulk Fuel Tank Facilities Projects

PDF Project:  AFSC Fuel Facility Expansion

A380-Ramp-Expansion-1.jpg Client:  
Anchorage Fueling and Service Company

Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport

Project Scope:  
GNE provided design and construction engineering services for expansion of the fuel storage facility at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.

A380-Ramp-Expansion-2.jpg All facility designs were provided in accordance with the requirements of the latest applicable local, State, and Federal regulations and codes.

Project Details:

  • Designed new supply branches to power two Motor Operation Valves on each tank
  • Designed lighting for safe operator access for maintenance and routine functions
  • Designed an extension of the existing Emergency Shut Down system
  • Designed heat tracing for the new storm drainage system
  • Designed a man-machine interface for system monitoring in facility control building
  • Designed new inputs for the facility Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • Designed a cathodic protection sacrificial anode grid system to prevent corrosion on tank bottom
  • Designed new AFFF pipeline system
  • Designed ADI 650 storage tanks (20 million gallon total capacity)
  • Located platforms and walkways to allow for ease of access for maintenance personnel
  • Designed new pipe supports to allow pipeline routings for service, cargo, drain, water draw, and AFFF lines to various areas within the new tank farm area
  • Designed pipe supports configured to allow pipeline maintenance and fuel quality control tasks
  • Provided submittal reviews , on-site inspections, daily technical support as well as record as-built drawings for the completed project
  • Ensured that the project was completed on time, within the construction budget, and in conformance with the owner requirements

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