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PDF Project:  Waldec Cell Tower Foundation Design and Structural Analysis

Cell Tower Foundation Designs

Waldec Enterprises, Inc.

Anchorage, Alaska

Project Scope:  
GNE provided design and construction engineering services for the foundation of a 170’ Lattice Tower.

All engineering work was provided in accordance with the requirements of the latest applicable local, State, and National regulations and codes.

Project Details:

  • Provided design drawings and calculations for the concrete foundation of a 170’
            Lattice Tower
  • Completed structural analysis of the components of the tower and evaluated its
            capability to carry additional loads from added antennas
  • Provided assessment of the tower to see if it would withstand local wind speeds and
            ice loading
  • Provided a site visit to evaluate the load capacity of the foundation
  • Provided an evaluation of the tower and its current condition
  • Provided written compliance reports

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