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PDF Project:  Seattle-Tacoma North Remote Loading Rack


Seattle Fueling Company/Swissport Fueling Services

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Seattle-Tacoma, Washington

Project Scope:  
Provided design and construction engineering for two thermal relief valves, four single meter presets, new scully overfill protection, a transfer switch in the control room, modifications to a motor generator unit and replaced four fuel island loading arms.

40-Megawatt-Co-generation-Facility-2.jpg All engineering services were provided in accordance with the requirements of the latest applicable local, State, and National regulations and codes.

Project Details:

  • Provided installation plans for new Toptech
           Systems, Inc., single meter preset at each of four
           locations on the fuel islands
  • Provided installation plans for a transfer switch and connection point on the north remote
           loading rack control room for 75 kw portable generator
  • Provided installation plans for four new Scully pigtails that consist of a Civacon model
          4100 plug at each end of 20 feet of coiled electrical cord
  • Provided technical support for local, state and federal permitting
  • Provided submittal reviews and on-site inspections
  • Provided construction management services as the Owner’s representative

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