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PDF Project:  Port of Anchorage Valve Yard Modifications and POL Dock System


Port of Anchorage

Port of Anchorage

Project Scope:  
Provided design and construction engineering services for the manifold piping and valving system connecting multiple marine POL docks with six different tank farms.

All engineering services were provided in accordance with the requirements of the latest applicable local, State, and National regulations and codes.


Project Details:

  • Designed the system to allow uploading of eight
           different into 16 pipelines simultaneously
  • Designed the system to allow transfer of petroleum
           products differently owned tank farms including
           U.S. Military facilities
  • Provided design and installation of 12-inch multiple
           product fuel transport pipelines connecting the Port of Anchorage Marine POL dock to
           on-shore tank farms
  • Prepared sketches required to resolve problems due to actual field condition encounters
  • Observed and assisted with performance tests and initial operation of the facility
  • Reviewed submittals for compliance with contract specifications, design concepts, and shop
           and erection drawings
  • Reviewed laboratory, shop and mill test reports on materials and equipment
  • Provided consultation, advisement and assistance to the owner on all aspects of planning for
           project construction: reviewing all plans and specifications as they were being developed
  • Furnished competent supervisory staff to coordinate and provide general direction of the
           work and progress during the construction phase
  • Provided final inspections and completion report

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