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PDF Project:  North Terminal N4 and N6 Fuel Hydrant Relocation Project

North-Terminal-N4-and-N6-Fuel-Hydrant-Relocation-Project1.jpg Client:  
Gary Merlino Construction

Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport

Project Scope:  
Provided the design and construction engineering services for the hydrant system relocations in support of the North Terminal Gates N4 and N6 reconstruction project.

Four hydrant pit relocations were constructed at gates N4 and N6.

Project Details:

  • Designed drawings with pipeline routing, profiles, and details of the system
  • Coordinated with the location of the concrete hardstand parking areas
  • Reviewed the fueling procedures for each type of aircraft used, to be sure the hydrant locations are situated in the most ideal location for fueling
  • Developed the design plan set
  • Revised and submitted technical specifications in standard FAA format
  • Furnished hydrostatic testing and flushing reports

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