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PDF Project:  Chevron Bulk Fuel Storage Facility Upgrades

Chevron-Bulk-Fuel-Storage-Facility-Upgrades-2.jpg Client:  
Chevron Products Company

Anchorage, Alaska

Project Scope:  
Rebuild ten 100,000-barrel storage tanks compliant with API 653 requirements and with seismic foundation requirements for the Municipality of Anchorage. This facility receives, stores, and distributes all of the jet fuel used by the military in Alaska, including all of the JP-8 supply to Elmendorf Air Force Base. The facility had to be engineered and constructed to meet rigid military standards and all corporate design and safety requirements of the Chevron Products Company.

Chevron-Bulk-Fuel-Storage-Facility-Upgrades-1.jpg All engineering services were provided in accordance with the requirements of the latest applicable local, State, and National regulations and codes.

Project Details:

  • Designed a greater flow capacity on a new pipe rack system
  • Designed a new cargo system to distribute fuel from the tank farm to a pumping system on a new above-ground pipe rack and walkway
  • Designed a new tank farm containment system, including a large capacity pumping system to remove spilled fuel
  • Designed a new fire suppression system for each of the tanks
  • Designed a new overfill protection system consisting of electronic level sensors and hydraulics on fill and cargo valves
  • Designed a SCADA system to monitor tank levels and volumes for reports to a Corporate Network System
  • Provided the civil, mechanical, structural, electrical, corrosion, and instrument and control engineering for the upgrades as well as the construction administration and tank re-commissioning

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