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PDF Project:  Silverado Low Rank Coal Water Fuel Project


Silverado Gold Mines Ltd.

Ackerman, Mississippi

Project Scope:  
Worked on design and construction engineering for a new Low Rank Coal Water Fuel (LRCWF) demonstration facility in Ackerman, Mississippi. This includes mechanical process engineering, mechanical HVAC engineering, and diesel motor generator engineering.

Project Details:

  • Provide all of the piping system that is required for LRCWF process. This includes valves,
          pipe, fittings, and supports
  • Provide all of the electrical design for the LRCWF equipment. This includes coal off
           loading equipment, ball mills, the mixing equipment, and the pumping requirements
  • Provide the heating and cooling loads generated by the LRCWF process
  • Provide design for the boiler installation and utility piping
  • Anchor bolt design for building attachments
  • Sump system plan
  • Provide motor generator system engineering: fuel, combustion air, cooling system,
          foundation, exhaust, and electrical and controls
  • Provide chemical engineering required for basis of design of coal processing into
          Coal Water Fuel. This includes:
  • Handling of incoming coal
  • Processing of raw coal
  • Washing of the coal
  • Hydrothermal treatment of the coal
  • Mixing of coal and water into fuel
  • Transfer of product into storage tankage
  • Transfer of the product into tankers or tank cars

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