Commercial Projects

PDF Project:  Two-Story Office/Warehouse Building

IMAGE Client:  
Alaska Pacific Leasing Company

Anchorage, Alaska

Project Scope:  
GNE provided design and construction engineering services for a 31,250 square foot wood-frame building, 18,000 square feet consisted of a two-story office and the remaining 12,500 square feet consisted of a single-story warehouse.

GNE provided all of the design and construction documents necessary to meet the requirements of the Municipality of Anchorage Fire Marshal review and the Municipality of Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility.

Project Details:

  • Designed service entrance meter
  • Designed power distribution, panels and lighting
  • Designed outside lighting and signage
  • Designed heating and ventilation system
  • Designed plumbing for restrooms
  • Designed performance specification for wet sprinkler system
  • Designed footings and pilasters
  • Designed slab and reinforcement
  • Designed uplift resistance
  • Provided soils analysis
  • Provided site plan/site development
  • Provided grading and paving
  • Provided site drainage, rainwater collection, and disposal
  • Provided potable water
  • Provided minor landscaping plan
  • Provided fencing layout
  • Provided construction engineering services

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