Bulk Fuel Tank Facilities Projects

PDF Project:  Port Mackenzie Tank Farm Facility

LYSD01.PNG Client:  
Central Alaska Energy

Port MacKenzie, Alaska

Project Scope:  
The fuel systems included in this project consisted of a total of 16 new tanks; tie-in piping to existing fuel header, piping and controls for primary day tanks, bulk storage yard piping, control buildings, foundations, electrical pump controls, leak detection, pipe supports, guides, and anchors.


Project Details:

  • Provided surveying and designs for two access roads
  • Provided site plan for the entire site
  • Design of six storage tanks in accordance with API650
  • Designed secondary containment and recovery system
  • Mechanical and Civil design of pipeline
  • Designed Truck loading and piping system
  • Provided architectural, structural, civil, mechanical, and electrical design for all buildings
  • Structural engineering of pipe supports, walkways, and truck loading rack
  • Designed facility power, lighting and controls
  • Provided telecommunications infrastructure (IT) engineering

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